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There are different types of cleaning services that we offer.  At the first visit we assess the bone

and gum health by measuring the pocketing around the teeth, assessing radiographs, and checking for plaque and calculus levels.  If there are large pockets around the teeth, we may suggest that you have

a procedure called scaling and root planing done.  This involves anesthetizing (numbing) the area in question, to allow a comfortable experience in removing the plaque and calculus that has built up over

time under the gum tissue.  This lowers the bacterial level in the mouth, and removes the irritation to the gums.  This allows the area to heal and the pocketing to be reduced.  We also can use ultra-sonic

scalers to help eliminate large calculus buildups, so there is less of a scraping feeling on the teeth.

Regular cleanings are important because oral health is connected to heart and overall body health.